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City of Port Washington - Green Business Program

Green Business Program - Member Archive

Founding Member - Java Dock Café - 116 W. Grand Avenue

The Java Dock is the first business to achieve Port Washington Green Business Certification, and the bar has been set high with the Java Dock having over 27 green business practices in place, seven more than the required 20. Not only has the bar been set high, but with only five employees, Java Dock shows that even a small business can do its part to help the environment. Owner Nichole Kloss explains that for her it is a lifestyle choice that she brings from her home to her business, and that it is something that everyone should do. She is most proud of the Java Dock producing only one small grocery size plastic bag of waste a day, with everything else being composted or recycled.

Next on the list for future green practices for Nichole and the Java Dock is improving water conservation by installing specialized plumbing. When asked if she had any advice or comments for other businesses thinking about going green she replied, "Just do it".

Certified: June, 2014

City of Port Washington Green Business Program - Java Dock



Renew Port Holdings - 116 W. Grand Avenue, Suite 104

Renew Port Holdings is the second Green Certified Business, breaking the record with 30 green business activities already in place.

Owner Gertjan van den Broek explains that he grew up not being wasteful and didn't throw a lot away. After moving to Port Washington and living on the lake he realized that so much of what we do ends up in the lake, which then evaporates, becomes rain, and falls on us. He also has traveled and seen communities fight and go to war over water. Being green is good for the environment in his eyes and is also a way to prevent conflict over scarce resources. This includes not only water but power and energy also. It is easy to take for granted the importance of water when it seems like we have an unlimited supply because of the lake.

He is most proud of becoming aware of different environmental problems and then actually doing something about it with his personal habits and his business. When asked if he had any advice for other businesses going green, he responded with, "there are no shortage of opportunities to start with, it's not that difficult to find something to do, just make a commitment to one thing, and then another and another. The hardest part is just making the commitment, but all you need to do is go one step at a time."

Gertjan already has plans to complete five more green business activities within a year.

Certified: July, 2014

City of Port Washington Green Business Program - Renew Port Holdings



Smith Brothers Coffee House - 100 N. Franklin Street

The City of Port Washington's Green Business Program would like to congratulate Smith Brothers Coffee House for achieving certification! An impressive 25 green business practices are in place at the establishment.

Smith Brothers Coffee House has always tried to consider their environmental impacts, but when kitchen operations were added and business started soaring in 2012, the coffee house saw the need to go further. They are most proud of their solutions to the additional food waste that they began producing. Smith Brothers has formed partnerships with local farmers to recycle coffee and espresso grounds, as well as recycling their used fryer oil with a biofuel company out of Madison.

To Smith Brothers, the greatest benefit of being "green" is that "our community can feel good about having us here, our customers can feel good about visiting us, and our staff can feel good about working here". A lot of enthusiasm has been generated from both Smith Brothers' employees and customers regarding their sustainable endeavors which has helped make the transition easier. To other businesses wishing to become more sustainable, Smith Brothers Coffee House would suggest finding ways to divert waste from landfills.

Smith Brothers Coffee House understands that "the challenge to seek sustainability in everyday practices is ongoing for all businesses". However, the coffee house has taken the issue head-on by developing green practices and continuing to search for new sustainable methods. In the future, Smith Brothers hopes to continue to reduce or offset their packaging with compostable or recycled goods, as well as to find more sources for locally-produced ingredients.

Certified: May, 2015

City of Port Washington Green Business Program - Smith Brothers Coffee House



Zing Boutique - 302 N. Franklin Street

A tremendous congratulations to Port Washington's Zing Boutique on achieving Green Business Certification! An unprecedented 40 sustainable practices are in place at "Port's Premier Fashion House", located at 302 N. Franklin Street in historic downtown Port Washington.

Deb and Jim Neulreich make up the power team that run Zing Boutique-Deb as the day-to-day face of the organization, Jim as the behind-the-scenes backbone. At Zing Boutique, a chic and contemporary shop featuring women's clothing, accessories, and footwear, sustainability is a priority. Deb states that being green is a way of life, and a source of great pride for Zing Boutique.

The downtown shop is most proud of the sustainable improvements they have made to their building. Deb and Jim have worked hard, measuring benefits against costs and environmental impacts, to make their building as "green" as possible, but all the hard work is well worth the effort to the Neulreichs. Deb says, "It just feels good to practice 'green'"! It is important to Zing Boutique to be good stewards of their building, the community, and our planet.

In their progress toward sustainability, Zing Boutique is working hard to buy as many "Made in America" products as possible, and will soon reach their goal of hitting 80 percent domestic goods. Future projects also include continuing to improve the energy efficiency of their building and displays.

Zing Boutique believes that sustainability is something that all businesses and individuals should strive for. Not only does it help to heal the planet, it also helps to foster relationships with others who are passionate about being green.

Certified: July, 2015

Kleen Test Products



Kleen Test Products Corporation - 1611 Sunset Road

The City of Port Washington would like to congratulate Kleen Test Products Corporation for joining the Green Business Program (GBP), a program created to celebrate and promote local businesses to be sustainable. Additionally, they set the bar even higher with a grand total of 49 green business practices, like using energy efficient appliances and donating unwanted furniture, equipment, and scrap materials.

Kleen Test has been a manufacturer of household goods, such as toothpaste and laundry detergent, since 1944. In 2012, Kleen Test formed a sustainability committee to remain current and be on the cutting edge of waste reduction and maximizing efficiency.

Kleen Test's motivation to join the GBP originated with Port Washington's Environmental Planning Committee (EPC). As an active member of the EPC, Kleen Test immediately recognized joining the GBP as an excellent opportunity to connect with the greater community. Kleen Test feels their greatest accomplishments are their participation in the Adopt-A-Beach program and the significant reduction of water usage throughout their entire plant. One of the primary benefits that came from joining the GBP is the knowledge Kleen Test gained on many new and easy ways they can implement additional green business practices.

In the next few years some of the equipment that is used for production will be up for replacement. Kleen Test will then buy new, more energy efficient, equipment. They are also looking into ways to monitor energy and water usage of each individual machine to observe their efficiency.

A piece of advice that Kleen Test would like to share with other businesses and community members is to start off working on the small things, and once you see the results from that, the motivation for more will increase.

Certified: May, 2016

Kleen Test Products Corporation
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