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City of Port Washington, Wisconsin

City of Port Washington - Green Business Program

Port Washington Green Business Program

City of Port Washington Green Business Program LogoPort Washington, Wisconsin highly values the development of environmentally sustainable practices and wishes to recognize local businesses that are striving to be environmental leaders. For this purpose, the Green Business Certification Program has been established. The mission of the City of Port Washington's Green Business Program is to inspire, empower, and celebrate the commitment of local businesses to environmentally sustainable practices in order to enhance the overall environmental health and well-being of the city. Port Washington desires to assist consumers in identifying businesses that practice "green" business practices and to promote and assist businesses that utilize sustainable practices in attracting customers that share their values.


How Your Business Can Get Involved

In order to be eligible for Green Business Certification, an organization is required to have completed five Green Business practices from each of three categories (Energy and Water Conservation; Material Conservation, Recycling, and Pollution Prevention; and Policies and Procedures), as well as five additional items from any category, for a total of 20 minimum items. Once certified, a business will be featured on the Port Washington website and will receive a Green Business decal to display in its window.

For more information and for an application to become Green Business Certified, please visit the link provided in the right panel. If additional clarification is needed, please call Rob Vanden Noven at 262-284-2600, or email him at rvandennoven@cpwwi.org.


Newest Green Business Program Member

Kleen Test Products - 1611 Sunset Road

The City of Port Washington would like to congratulate Kleen Test Products Corporation for joining the Green Business Program (GBP), a program created to celebrate and promote local businesses to be sustainable. Additionally, they set the bar even higher with a grand total of 49 green business practices, like using energy efficient appliances and donating unwanted furniture, equipment, and scrap materials.

Kleen Test has been a manufacturer of household goods, such as toothpaste and laundry detergent, since 1944. In 2012, Kleen Test formed a sustainability committee to remain current and be on the cutting edge of waste reduction and maximizing efficiency.

Kleen Test's motivation to join the GBP originated with Port Washington's Environmental Planning Committee (EPC). As an active member of the EPC, Kleen Test immediately recognized joining the GBP as an excellent opportunity to connect with the greater community. Kleen Test feels their greatest accomplishments are their participation in the Adopt-A-Beach program and the significant reduction of water usage throughout their entire plant. One of the primary benefits that came from joining the GBP is the knowledge Kleen Test gained on many new and easy ways they can implement additional green business practices.

In the next few years some of the equipment that is used for production will be up for replacement. Kleen Test will then buy new, more energy efficient, equipment. They are also looking into ways to monitor energy and water usage of each individual machine to observe their efficiency.

A piece of advice that Kleen Test would like to share with other businesses and community members is to start off working on the small things, and once you see the results from that, the motivation for more will increase.

Certified: May, 2016

Kleen Test Products Corporation


City of Port Washington Green Business Program Information and Application

Interested in being a certified Green Business? Click here for more information and application.


City of Port Washington Green Business Program Member Archive

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Port Washington, WI 53074
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